URIP-900 Tablet

Urinary tract infection Tablet-URIP 900

Each tablet contains

  • Cranberry extracts - 300 mg
  • D-Mannose - 600 mg


While antibiotics are used to treat and prevent recurrent urinary tract infections, frequent antibiotics use can result in vaginal and intestinal dysbiosis as well as antibiotic resistance. Thus it is desirable to seek alternative methods for prevention and treatment of simple UTIs. So Bionova URIP-900 is a combination of non-pharmaceutical ingredient and a simple sugar used for the treatment and prevention of UTIs.

Cranberry/d-Mannose combines cranberry extract made from 100% cranberry fruit solids and d-mannose for dual support of urinary tract comfort. Cranberry extract provides urinary tract support without the unwanted sugar found in cranberry juice which can encourage the growth of unfriendly bacteria. It enhances the acidity of urine and maintains healthy urinary tract ecology. One study suggested the potential for cranberry juice to interact with lectin receptors and maintain a healthy bladder wall. D-Mannose, a simple sugar found in cranberries and other fruit, is included in this formula to provide additional concentrated support. One study examining the effect of d-mannose on epithelial cells suggested that it may play a role in supporting healthy genitourinary function by maintaining a healthy mucosal surface.


Cranberry Extract More than 50% of women develop UTI during their lifetime. In 20% of them, the infection become recurrent.The main cause of UTI is bacteria, E.Coli, which comes from large intestine to bladder. The virulence factor of E.Coli is due to the fimbriae mainly the P.fimbriae and Type I fimbriae.E.Coli attaches to the receptore on superficial bladder with P.fimbriae or Type I fimbriae.The bacteria then are internalized into the cell ,where they replicate to high levels. E.Coli can escape apoptopic pathway and then avoid clearance by exfoliation and infect surrounding epithelial cell. Researchers have shown that the Proanthocyanidin (PAC) in cranberry has a similar effect like the antibiotic Trimethoprim in preventing the adhesion of Type I fimbriae to the uroplakin receptor on uroepithelium and adhesion of P.fimbriae to Gal Gal receptor on uroepithelium.

D-Mannose The bladder lining is comprised of polysaccharide molecules.In th ebladder D-mannose can adhere to undesirable foreign bacteria preventing them from sticking to the lining of the bladder.Finger like projections on the cell surface of E.Coli adhere to these molecules initiating an infection.In the presence of D-Mannose molecules forming a complex which is expelled with the next voiding (urination).

A SYNERGISTIC COMBINATION Supplemental D-mannose acts a molecular decoy to prevent bacteria from attaching to and infecting bladder cells. Cranberry extract on the other hand acts by acidifying the urine and also by reducing adhesion to UT wall.


  • The promising choice for total urinary comfort.
  • For prophylaxis in recurrent UTI.
  • For treating acute UTI.
  • Reduce the recurrence of symptomatic cystitis.
  • Exhibits bacterial anti-adhesion activity.
  • Adjunct to antibiotics.
  • Synergistic Combination.


As a dietary supplement, one serving daily or as directed by health professional.


This product is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity towards its ingredients


URIP-900 tablets are available in 10X10ís Alu Alu packing


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