Toxin inhibit formulation


Inspite of good feed ingredients, the presence of toxins in low level is ruled out. Actively inhibits growth of moulds and binds toxins. Aflatoxins are hepatotoxins that damage the digestive gland; liver and they are also immuno suppressants.

Effective mycotoxin program should include: Adsorption of dipolar toxins, yet should not adsorb nutrients. Should have a large surface area. Should prevent biotransformation and prevent formation of epoxides or esteo compounds.


Propionic acid, benzoic acid, sorbic acid, acetic acid, probiotics, M.O.S., activated charcoal, turmeric extract, sodium bentonite and Hydrated Sodium Calcium Alumunium silicate.

Contains no harmful / banned chemicals and is 100% safe to handle. However it is always recommended to use hand gloves and face mask for hygienic practice.