Replaces choline salts in poultry feed


Digestion of fat is equally important to digestion of other nutrients. Fat in the diet serves as rich source of energy. PHOSCHOLINE provides biological source of choline. The formulation gives organic benefits to replace the usage of synthetic choline chloride. It is more cost effective, free flowing, non hygroscopic, does not give fishy smell and has better shelf life.

It is a scientific blend of lecithin extract, lipo acceptor peptides, biotin, PABA, deterpenoid lactones & andrographolide in a base of toxin binder

  • Controls fat metabolism & prevents fatty liver syndrome
  • Improves FCR, increases weight, reduces mortality and enhances productivity
  • Gives good opportunity of using high percentage of fat for broiler diet
  • It is of great help in layers, as when triglycerides are not broken properly they create multiple problems in laying birds

Recommended Usage

  • Chicks : 750 grams to 1 Kg per ton (1000 Kgs.) of feed.
  • Broilers : 500 grams to 2 Kg per ton of feed
  • Layers : 500 grams to 1 Kg per ton of feed
  • Breeders : 1 Kg to 2 Kg per ton of feed
  • Or as advised by the nutritionist.

Contains no harmful / banned chemicals and is 100% safe to handle. However it is always recommended to use hand gloves and face mask for hygienic practice.


20 Kg sandwiched paper craft double layered bags