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Research & Technology

Ground-breaking Research & Technology Development

Currently we are developing technology for nutritional ingredient encapsulation that will provide a protective barrier for nutrients & other vital ingredients to make them release precisely in the body at the appropriate time, place and duration. This will revolutionize the way we deliver healthcare ingredients to the body for optimal absorption & results.

We're delighted to offer Optiblock® Protex, a cutting-edge technology that, enables the targeted delivery of vital compounds of nutritional ingredients to the body. This innovative liposomal technology shall protect sensitive ingredients from acidic conditions in the stomach, prevents mucosal irritation, and provides targeted release at a specific pH or sustained release during GI tract passage.

Moreover, we're also proud to introduce Optiblock® Micro, which is ideal for precise colonic delivery of prebiotics, probiotics, and other health ingredients. This technology ensures maximum efficiency in delivering health ingredients to the colon, enabling optimal absorption and effectiveness.

We're committed to advancing the science of nutrition and health by bringing innovative solutions to the market.