Replacement to synthetic dl-methionine or equivalent in poultry feed

Methionine replacement for poultry


Novameth contains methyl syntheses, methyl tetra hydrofolate, methylcobalamine, S-adenosyl methionine, N-acetyl-Lcystein, inositol, selective peptide complexes that acts as precursors of methionine along with zinc (3500 ppm), manganese (330 ppm) & copper (390 ppm).

The contents of NovaMeth effectively helps in replacement of dl-methionine usage in poultry diet. It contributes methyl groups for the synthesis of carnitine via S-adenosyl methionine. NovaMeth increases the concentration of S-adenosyl methionine and homocysteine in liver, which facilitates in-vivo methionine synthesis by utilizing methyl groups from a conjugated carbon pool.


  • Stimulates in-vivo methionine synthesis
  • Donates methyl group from conjugated carbon pool
  • Reduces endogenous toxins
  • Assists in protein synthesis
  • Non-toxic eben at higher levels
  • Spares methionine, folic acid and choline chloride effectively
  • Optimizes FCR & weight gain


1 Kg NovaMeth can be replace 1 Kg dl-methionine


20 kg multi layered bags