Potassium Citrate Syrup


Each 5mL of NOVALKA syrup contains potassium citrate 1000mg and citric acid 300mg.


NOVALKA syrup is the brand name for the systemic alkalizer combination of potassium citrate and citric acid. This combination reduces the acidity of the urine. It is stable and pleasant-tasting with a sugar-free non-alcoholic base.

Once the potassium citrate is absorbed, it is metabolized to potassium bicarbonate, which functions as a systemic alkalizer. This combination is ideal for the maintenance of the urine alkalinity urine for long-term. It treats the acid problems in the blood and also prevents gout attacks. This combination does not interfere with the acidity of GI tract or does not neutralize the gastric juice.


  • Acidosis caused by kidney diseases
  • Hypokalemia

Dosage and Administration:

3 teaspoonfuls (15 mL) twice a day diluted with water or as directed by the physician


NOVALKA syrup is contraindicated in patients with oliguria, dehydration, severe hepatic and renal impairment, heat cramps, untreated Addison’s disease, adynamia episodica hereditaria, severe myocardial damage, alkalosis and hyperkalemia.

Adverse effects:

Adverse effects of this medicine include GI disturbances, irregular heartbeat, muscle spasms, seizures, dark stools, dizziness, trouble in breathing, weakness and diarrhea.


There are no sufficient and well-controlled studies when it comes to combinational administration potassium citrate and citric acid in pregnant women and nursing mothers. Therefore, if you are pregnant or nursing, discuss with your doctor about your condition before taking this medicine.

Extra care to be taken while administering this medicine to patients with reduced kidney functions, hypophosphatemia and severe weakness.


NOVALKA syrup is available in 100mL bottle.


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