Each MOMVITA capsule contains:









Vitamin A

2493 IU

Vitamin D3

400 IU

Vitamin E

10.5 IU

Vitamin B1


Vitamin B2


Vitamin B6


Vitamin B12


Ascorbic acid


Folic acid






Calcium pantothenate


Calcium phosphate


Zinc sulphate


Copper sulphate


Magnesium sulphate


Manganese sulphate




Nutritional demands of pregnant women and nursing mothers are quite different as compared to the demands of a normal individual. Mothers and mothers-to-be are supposed to consume nutrients to support both themselves and the babyís growth and development.

MOMVITA is a scientifically designed formulation of vital nutrients like vitamins, minerals, DHA, taurine, and lycopene that are meant to meet the nutritional demands of pregnant women and nursing mothers. Regular consumption of MOMVITA during pregnancy and lactation protects the baby against birth defects, improves its immunity and supports its healthy development. MOMVITA covers a broad spectrum of nutritional requirements, with extreme efficacy and safety. As an antioxidant combination, it protects the body cells against oxidative stress, improves the energy production and increases the absorption of vital nutrients from the intestine.

Lycopene, which is one of the key ingredients of this formulation, has stronger antioxidant properties than vitamin C, vitamin E, and several beta-carotenes. It protects the cells against oxidative damage that is induced by the free radicals and harmful byproducts in the body. Lycopene is found to be highly helpful in the prevention of preeclampsia, which is one of the dangerous pregnancy complications. As a pregnancy supplement, lycopene prevents the inadequate growth of the fetus during pregnancy. It is also found to be helpful in regulating the blood pressure and blood glucose levels in pregnant women.

DHA, which belongs to the class of omega-3 fats, is an essential fatty acid because it is not synthesized in the body. DHA has a significant role in the optimal development of vision, nervous system and immune system in the fetus. DHA deficiency is associated with reduced cognitive function, depression and unnecessary aggression in children. As a pregnancy and lactation supplement, DHA has a positive impact on the behavior and cognitive abilities of the children. Additionally, it is also helpful in reducing the risk of allergies in infants. In pregnant women, DHA is highly helpful in preventing premature delivery. It also plays a key role in the maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system in mothers and babies and it also supports healthy placental blood supply, which is crucial for the normal growth of the fetus.

Taurine is essential for the neurological development of the fetus and baby. Taurine is a pregnancy supplement that is helpful in preventing birth defects in the babies. Taurine has multiple biological functions namely, iron absorption, insulin sensitivity, fluid balance regulation and blood pressure regulation.

Vitamins like A, B, C, D, and E are crucial for the fetal growth and development, as vitamins are strongly associated with DNA synthesis, cell division, RBC production, immunity enhancement, bone development, and vision. Folic acid, which is one of the B-type vitamins, is crucial for the synthesis of hemoglobin, healthy birth weight, anemia prevention and most importantly, to reduce the risks of congenital anomalies. Other B-type vitamins such as vitamin B6 is imperative for the production of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and serotonin. Vitamin C is necessary for the synthesis of collagen, which is one of the key constituents of bones, skin, tendons, and ligaments. Both vitamin C and E serve as strong antioxidants that effectively protect the body cells against oxidative damage and prevent prenatal deficiencies. Vitamin D3 is imperative for bone development in the babies.

Minerals like iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and manganese are essential for a healthy pregnancy as these control numerous biological functions in the body. Iron serves as the key constituent of hemoglobin and transports oxygen from lungs to the various parts of the body. Calcium supports the healthy bone development and it also reduces the risk of hypertension and preeclampsia during pregnancy. Magnesium, zinc, and manganese support the healthy development of the fetus and prevent birth defects.

Supportive in the treatments of:

One-a-day scientific formula that effectively meets the nutritional demands of pregnant women and nursing mothers

MOMVITA is helpful in preventing preeclampsia, intrauterine growth restriction, inadequate brain and bone development, hypertension and diabetes during gestation period.

Recommended usage:

One capsule a day or as recommended by the nutritionist.


MOMVITA capsules are contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity towards its ingredients. It is also contraindicated in patients with hypertension, hypervitaminosis, hemochromatosis and hemosiderosis.

Adverse effects:

MOMVITA is generally well-tolerated when administered as per the recommended dosage. However, the rare side effects of this product include allergic reactions, increased urination, uneven heart rate, muscle weakness, upset stomach, headache and unusual and unpleasant taste in the mouth


People with known medical conditions and/or taking drugs should consult with a licensed physician prior to taking dietary supplements.


MOMVITA capsules are available in a 2X15ís blister packing


Always read the product directions before use. Do not exceed the recommended intake. If you suffer from food allergies, make sure you to talk to your healthcare professional before using this product. Vitamin, amino acid, mineral or herbal supplements are not intended to treat or prevent any disease. Food supplements must not replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Healthcare and lifestyle information changes constantly. Therefore, the information provided on this website should not be considered current, complete or exhaustive. Please consult your healthcare professional, before coming to any conclusions with respect to your health condition. Properly discard this supplement when it is expired or no longer needed. Store in a cool, dry, dark place and away from the direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate. Keep this product out of reach of children.