Natural Performance Enhancer

Methionine Supplements for Poultry-Broiler-Layers


Liver of chicken effectively controls numerous metabolic processes via the metabolic pool. The liver holds a position of singular importance in the overall body function including anabolic activity. Hence, It becomes utmost important for the usage of liver performance enhancer in poultry diet.

LIVOCEE 300 is a unique formulation of botanical extracts, which has proven documentary evidences. LIVOCEE 300 optimizes hepatic functions and helps in better utilization of nutrients. Regular usage of LIVOCEE 300 in poultry feed, shield the liver parenchyma from feed contaminants, chemicals, mycotoxins and drug therapy. Leading to improvement in metabolism and feed utilization thus results in better feed conversion, growth and productivity.

Recommended Usage

250 gms. per ton (1000 Kgs.) of feed. During high risk period the mixing ratio may be altered as per the advise of Nutritionist. Contains no harmful / banned chemicals and is 100% safe to handle. However it is always recommended to use hand gloves and face mask for hygienic practice.


10 Kg sandwiched paper craft double layered bags