DELKODIN PLUS oral suspension

DELKODIN PLUS oral suspension


Each 5mL of DELKODIN PLUS syrup contains dextromethorphan 10mg, phenylephrine 5mg and CPM 2mg


DELKODIN PLUS is a nasal decongestant and antihistamine combination that works by blocking the cough triggering region of the brain, inhibiting the activity of histamine during the allergic reactions and lastly by causing the blood vessels to constrict in order to relieve the nasal congestion.

Dextromethorphan acts centrally and raises the threshold for coughing without interfering with the ciliary action. This drug is quickly absorbed in the GI tract, and it is converted to the active metabolite, dextrorphan in the liver. Dextrorphan then enters the bloodstream and crosses the blood-brain barrier in order to exhibit its cough suppressing activity. It suppresses the cough reflex by directly acting on the cough center in the medulla. Its mechanism of action does not involve opioid receptors.

Chlorpheniramine maleate or CPM alleviates the allergic conditions such as hay fever, rhinitis, urticaria and asthma. It is one of the widely used antihistamines with lesser sedative activities. Histamines are released during the inflammatory reactions and when these molecules react with H1 receptors it leads to pruritus, vasodilation, hypotension, flushing, headache and bronchoconstriction. Chlorpheniramine is a histamine H1 antagonist that belongs to the class of alkylamines and it binds to the H1 receptors. By binding to the histamine H1 receptor, chlorpheniramine blocks the activity of the endogenous histamine and provides temporary relief from the allergic reactions like sneezing, watery and itchy eyes and running nose.

Phenylephrine is a powerful vasoconstrictor that constricts the mucosa of the respiratory tract and thereby decreases the swelling of the blood vessels in the nose. This drug selectively acts on the alpha-1 adrenergic agonist and exerts the decongestant action in the nasal cavity. It reduces the discomfort and eases the breathing.


  • Unproductive and dry cough
  • Throat irritation
  • Dry and itchy feeling in the throat
  • Sore throat
  • Intraocular tension
  • Common cold
  • Sneezing and allergies

Dosage and Administration:

As directed by the physician


DELKODIN PLUS is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity towards its ingredients. It is also contraindicated in patients with severe hypertension, hyperthyroidism, cardiac disorders, advanced hepatic disease and advanced respiratory disorders.

Adverse Effects:

Adverse effects of this medication areskin rashes, drowsiness, headache, nausea, vomiting and breathing difficulties.


There are no sufficient and well-controlled studies when it comes to combinational administration of dextromethorphan, phenylephrine and CPMin pregnant women and nursing mothers. Therefore, if you are pregnant or nursing, discuss with your doctor about your condition before taking this medicine.


DELKODIN PLUS is available in 100mL pet bottle without box.


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