Herbal Tonic for Liver

Carimax Syrup

An Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine


Nutrient Contents: Each 5ml contains

  • Himsra (Kobra) (Capparisspirosa) : 34 mg
  • Kasni (Chicoriumintibus) : 34 mg
  • Kakamachi (Solanum nigrum) : 16 mg
  • Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) : 16 mg
  • Kasamarda (Cassia occidentalis) : 8 mg
  • Biranjasjipha (Achillea millefolium) : 8 mg
  • Jhau (Tamarix Gallica) : 8 mg


Bexoliv-HT is an ayurvedic liver tonic that helps to restore the functional efficiency of liver and prevents further liver damage. Bexoliv-HT is a hepatoprotective herbal- tonic beneficial for liver diseases and to improve liver function. It containsherbs that help in improving digestion and appetite. It also has protective action against almost all types of liver toxins.The blend of herbs in Bexoliv-HT protects from free-radical damage, promotes cellular lifespan and supports optimal detox performance by strengthening the liverís capacity.

  • Healthy liver support
  • As a liver tonic
  • Improves appetite
  • Promote digestion and assimilation


Himsra is a hepatoprotective herb belonging to Capparidaceaefamily. Himsra are anti-rheumatic in effect and are used to reduce flatulence and improve liver functioning.It is also utilized as an expectorant and diuretic.It prevents the elevation of malondialdehyde (biomarker for oxidative stress) levels in plasma and hepatic cells. Himsra also inhibits the ALT and AST enzyme levels and improves the functional efficiency of the liver and spleen. Flavonoids present in the Himsra also exhibit significant antioxidant properties.

Kasni protects the liver against alcohol toxicity. It is also a potent antioxidant, which can be seen by its free radical scavenging property. The hepatoprotective property of kasni suppresses the oxidative degradation of DNA in tissue debris. Kakamachihashepatoprotective property and the berries are effective in the treatment of liver cirrhosis. Kakamachialso has emollient, diuretic, antiseptic and laxative properties.

Arjuna The hypolipidemic activity of Arjuna enhances the elimination of cholesterol by accelerating the turnover of LDL-cholesterol in the liver. Lowers beta-lipoprotein lipids and the recovery of HDL components in hyperlipidaemia.

Kasamarda possess expectorant properties and is attributed with blood purifying and diuretic properties. The herb has been traditionally used to normalize bowel movements.

Biranjasjipha is used against gastrointestinal and hepato-biliary disorders. It is beneficial against liver inflammation and acute hepatitis.Biranjasjipha contains an alkaloid achilline that helps to arrest internal and external bleeding. This herb is also helpful in treating gastrointestinal disorders like dyspepsia and spastic pain in the stomach.

Jhauhas protective effect against liver carcinogenesis. It has anti-diarrheal properties that make it useful for treating diarrhea and dysentery, as well as laxative properties to help with constipation. The plant is both astringent and anti-microbial and has positive stimulant effects on liver function and is used to treat disorders of the liver.


  • Poor liver functions
  • Poor Appetite
  • Poor Metabolism
  • Elevated liver enzymes
  • Jaundice & Hepatitis
  • Drug induced liver toxicity
  • Constipation, indigestion and abdominal fullness.


  • It has herbs for liver detoxification which helps to revive liver cells.
  • Prevention and treatment of viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, pre-cirrhotic conditions and early cirrhosis, anorexia, loss of appetite and liver damage due to radiation therapy
  • Preventive against Liver disorders including fatty liver associated with protein-energy malnutrition
  • Jaundice and loss of appetite during pregnancy
  • As an adjuvant during prolonged illness and convalescence
  • As an adjuvant to haemodialysis
  • As an adjuvant to hepatotoxic drugs like anti-tubercular drugs, statins, chemotherapeutic agents and antiretroviral


Bexoliv- HT to be taken one to two teaspoon twice a day or as directed by the physician.


Not known.


Hypersensitivity to any of the above ingredients.


BEXOLIV-HT is not known to have any side effects if taken as per the prescribed dosage


BEXOLIV- HT syrup is available as bottle of 200 ml.