Novawhite Lotion

Glutathione cream



  • Glutathione : 5%
  • Vitamin C : 2%
  • Collagen peptides : 1%
  • Siberian ginseng : 1%
  • Vitamin E : 5%


NOVAWHITE Lotion is a Cosmetic formulation to restore skin luminosity and improve skin condition.The topical application of Novawhite lotion easily penetrates through the epidermal barrier and acts on melanocytes in the epidermis, thus whitening the skin and improve skin condition. As with age, skin’s luminosity and uniformity of tone tend to degenerate. Thus to restore youthful look, it is important to improve the luminosity of skin and ageing conditions of the skin.

Skin ageing

Skin aging is a complex biological phenomenon consisting of two independent clinically and biologically distinct processes, namely "intrinsic aging" and "extrinsic aging." Extrinsic aging (including “photoaging”) is the result of exposure to outdoor elements, primarily ultraviolet (UV) irradiation. Photoaged skin shows a variety of age-associated clinical alterations, including deep wrinkles, sallow discoloration and irregular pigmentation.

Recently, it has been revealed that reactive oxygen species (ROS) produced excessively in the cells are involved in the process of skin aging caused by UV exposure. ROS have a paradoxical action on melanocytes: in the skin they not only enhance depigmentation but also increase pigmentation. UVB-induced H2O2 in keratinocytes causes melanocyte degeneration in the skin of patients with vitiligo. In contrast, NO• induces melanogenesis by increasing the amounts of tyrosinase and tyrosinase-related protein.Melanogenesis associated with ROS is suppressed by antioxidant treatment. NO• production via the stabilization of NO synthase contributes partly to the suppression of melanogenesis by ascorbic acid. N-acetyl cysteine (a precursor of glutathione) inhibits alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone induction by UVB irradiation.

Skin luminosity

The appearance of skin is determined by how much light is reflected back to the eyes. Skin luminosity is maximized by even colour and fine texture on the skin surface. Here are three key chromophores that influence skin luminosity: melanin, collagen and hemoglobin

Melanin: In young skin, melanin is evenly distributed with limited melanocyte activity. As skin ages, continued UV exposure leads to melanocyte damage causing them to be permanently "switched on". This leads to the over-production of melanin. The result is local discoloration which may eventually manifest itself in the form of uneven pigmentation and age spots.

Collagen: Apart from its role in ensuring structural firmness in skin, collagen is also responsible for the brightness of skin color (1). It acts as a mirror, scattering light back towards the skin surface. As skin ages, exposure to factors such as free radicals and UV light show a detrimental effect on the level and quality of collagen. The decreased and damaged collagen is less effective at reflecting light back, resulting in a dull, less luminous complexion (1).

Hemoglobin: It has the role of delivering oxygen to skin. De-oxygenation of hemoglobin can produce blue-toned skin coloration. When carrying oxygen in the blood, hemoglobin has a red hue which gives skin a healthy glow associated with young skin. Repeated exposure to UV light can cause blood vessels to be dilated or leaky. Aging skin will typically have higher levels of hemoglobin due to the increase in the number of dilated blood vessels. Further, the distribution of hemoglobin becomes more uneven with aging. These irregularities are reflected in the form of uneven skin tone and blotchiness on the skin. When hemoglobin breaks down, part of it is converted into the chemical bilirubin. Inefficient expulsion of bilirubin leads to its build up in the skin, causing it to turn yellow.

Featured composition


  • Enhances skin lightening benefits by controlling melanin expression
  • Restores skin luminosity
  • Significant increase in moisture content of the stratum corneum
  • Activates the pheomelanin pathway
  • Has the ability to scavenge ROS generated in epidermal cells following UV exposure and to thus prevent ROS-induced melanogenesis

Vitamin C

  • Helps in suppression of wrinkle formation and improvement in skin smoothness
  • Promotes the synthesis of Type IV Collagen
  • Improves DEJ structural integrity
  • Demonstrated its ability to degrade bilirubin in situ


  • Lowers skin melanin index significantly
  • Improves skin tone to yield an illuminated complexion
  • Promotes even skin tone

Collagen Peptides

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightens and smooths skin appearance
  • Non-surgical micro-lifting


  • For the need of the following clinical outcomes in dark, dull & mature skin
  • Restore skin luminosity
  • Scavenges ROS in epidermal cells
  • Significantly improve appearance & skin condition


Apply this lotion daily twice or thrice a day by gently massaging all over face until the lotion is completely absorbed. Apply this lotion for continuously three to four months for an aged & revitalized skin.


No non side effects noted as of date. However Novawhite contains dermatologically tested ingredients which are safe to the skin.


You may be having allergy towards any of the ingredients, to find out if you are allergic try small quantity on your arms and see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Stop using if you find any rashes, itching or redness and consult your physician if the effects are severe. Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse thoroughly with water if the lotion gets into eyes.


NOVAWHITE Lotion is available as tube of 30 gm pack.

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