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Darkened skin or hyper pigmentation, happens when there is overproduction of melanin, melanin is the pigment normally found in the skin, increase in melanin gives dark colour to the skin. Darkened skin can develop in people of all races.

Many of us suffer from hyper pigmentation these days – a common and distressing skin condition – marked by the presence of uneven dark patches in an otherwise even skin tone.
That dark spot, scar or dull patch is inevitable especially with sun becoming harsher day by day. Our skin tone is determined by the pigment melanin – a substance produced by special cells called melanocytes. When these cells overproduce the amount of melanin hyper pigmentation ensues. This skin condition is caused by excessive sun exposure, hormonal changes, genetic factor or drug reaction. Sometimes, another skin condition called acne vulgaris (severe acne/pimples) also leads to hyper pigmentation. Each one of us would have experienced hyper pigmentation in smaller amounts, sometime or the other, in form of dark spots patches, birthmarks, moles and ageing spots. Managing it becomes easier with an early detection of the problem.

Causes of dark skin

Heredity: People who have a dark skin will also have children with dark skin. The genes seems to pass on from generations to generations.

Skin disorders: Certain disorders like Acne vulgaris, Lichen Simplex Chronicus or simply ‘LSC’ may causes skin darkening.

Sun Rays: Nature has powered human body to protect itself from harmful effects of sun rays. Over exposure to sun rays causes skin to tan, this is a natural mechanism, where skin produces more quantity of melanin to prevent the UV rays of sun to penetrate inside skin.

Hyper pigmentation: Skin with too much melanin is called hyper pigmented skin. This might be a cause due to hormonal changes, excessive sun exposure, genetic factors, acne or drug reactions. Each one of us has experienced hyper pigmentation in smaller amounts, sometime or the other, in form of dark spots patches, birthmarks, moles and ageing spots.


Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant that is unknown to many people. Generally, it is used as skin lightening agent by certain people only. In today’s world, your physical appearance affects your life in many ways. For those who wish for skin whitening can make their dreams come true with Glutathione as it lightens the skin color without any side effects if taken in proper dosage. Generally, Glutathione is taken in a pill form or applied on skin as a cream.

Effectiveness of Glutathione for Skin Whitening

There are many debates going around Glutathione for its use on skin whitening or improving complexion. There has been research done on a group of people for 4 weeks and the participants have shown positive signs of skin lightening after the use of Glutathione.

Glutathione pills can be taken by a person wishing for skin lightening. This compound works on Melanin which is a pigment that defines the color of the skin. Glutathione binds Tyrosinase which affects the production of melanin under the skin. This reduces the increased production of melanin which actually darkens outer skin. This is a complete natural process and won’t give side effects to your body if taken under supervision.

Improving Skin Health with Glutathione

Intake of high quality of Glutathione supplement you get a chance to not only improve your complexion but also quality of your skin. Glutathione is one of the most powerful antioxidant that detoxify each and every cells of your body.

By supplementing with a high quality Glutathione supplement, one containing Acetyl Glutathione, L-Glutathione or Liposomal Glutathione, you can not only improve your complexion, but improve the quality and health of your skin.

The benefits of Glutathione pill is not restricted to just skin. By consuming this supplement on daily basis, you apparently improve your nails and hair texture as it reduces the toxicity in the body. If you have age spots and dull skin, this whole thing can be minimized and prevented if the Glutathione pill is taken in time. There have been some remarkable results experienced by many people who have taken this supplement.

If you are feeling skeptical about taking Glutathione pill then there are creams available in the market which have Glutathione to improve your skin texture. The only drawback is that there are many less companies who make cream with this compound and also you need to wait for a longer time to see the desired results. By taking these pills, you improve your skin texture, get stronger nails and shiny hair. With one pill you improve your health on daily basis and slow down the aging process considerably.

Harmful Effects of Creams and Skin Bleaching

We tend to use expensive creams and skin treatments to reduce skin pigmentation, dark spots and wrinkles. While these creams or treatments work to a certain degree, the effects of such therapy doesn’t last long. Most of the skin whitening cream contains bleach which are filled with chemicals that harms your body. After prolong use of these creams, you still find your skin dull, lusterless and filled with age spots as it actually speeds up your skin aging process.

Final Verdict on Glutathione Skin Whitening Pill and Cream

Glutathione pills or cream do not promise you to give dramatic results within few weeks. But, what you can see is a healthier skin, hair, and nails when you consume top quality of Glutathione supplement on a regular basis. It removes all the harmful toxins from your body and optimize the health of skin cells.

Glutathione is a total body health supplements which has shown visible effects of skin. For those who have skin pigmentation problem or having a dull skin, Glutathione is miracle remedy for them. It’s far more than just a skin whitening compound with antioxidants that improves your overall wellbeing.


My name is Rihana. I work with an MNC in Noida. I have a son, who is 1 year old now. My schedule is, Waking up at 8.30; rushing for the office; reaching late to the office; every day hearing scolding from my boss for coming late; working under stress for the whole day with the intent of finishing my work as early as possible; reaching home late; eating my dinner after 10 pm; watching TV with an expectation of giving some part of the day to the so called “Entertainment”; sleeping at 1 pm; that too is not a deep sleep!

The result of all this is, I hate looking at my face in the mirror, as my beautiful eyes now look swollen all the time. I am just 28 years old, but I can even notice wrinkles around my eyes. Dark circles were always a problem since my childhood, as I have a habit of taking a lot of stress. I look over aged due to all this. Everyone keeps on suggesting me; apply cucumber, potato, papaya, and all that they know as Grandmother’s recipe for removing puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles from around the eyes.

I have tried almost everything and to some extent, few of these shows result, but the results are very slow, and due to lack of time, I cannot maintain anything in routine.

Recently, I visited a Dermatologist, and she has guided me to apply Bionova’s under eye gel, known by the Brand name “I-Gel”. I am applying I-Gel since last 10 days, and I can see the results are prominent. Swelling around the eyes has almost vanished. I can notice that the dark circles are reducing and even the wrinkles are vanishing.

I apply I-Gel twice a day, just after washing my eyes with cold water in the morning and before going into the bed. The results are so prominent in just 10 days that my friends and relatives have started telling me that I look very fresh nowadays. My dermatologist even suggested me that I can apply it around my lips as well. I-Gel is a wonderful product from Bionova.

Few days ago, I remember, my neighbor, Shruti also suggested me to apply I-Gel. She is applying it since last 2 months after her Skin specialist suggested her same for the under eye treatment.


Detox drinks – a new trend in today’s world to look fresher and healthier as these drinks can wash off all the harmful toxins from the body. The major reason behind the popularity of detox drinks is their ability to help you lose weight. To summarize, detox drinks cleanse your blood and removes all kinds of impurities from your liver to boost your metabolism.

How Detox Drinks Work on Your Body?

Our body needs 6 to 8 glasses of water to keep all the organs hydrated and in good condition. But, sipping plain water is not always enjoyable. That’s why we have comprised some easy homemade detox drink recipe you can make at home. These natural detox drinks are a great option to cleanse your body, also help you get rid of health issues like bowel problems, headache and nausea.

Benefits from Detox Drinks:

  • Improve blood circulation in body.
  • Stimulates liver by flushing out toxins from it.
  • Hydrate skin, making it more elastic.
  • Helps in weight loss.
  • Refuel all the necessary nutrients in the body.

Lemon Detox Drink:

This is one of the most popular, easy to make detox drink that can be made at home to cleanse your body. Lemon is a super food containing high amount of Vitamin C that cleanse your blood stream and neutralize elements of your body. Just squeeze one lemon in warm water and drink empty stomach day and night. If you are having calcium deficiency, make sure to drink milk to balance the calcium level in the body.

The Kale Detox Drink

Kale is one the healthiest vegetables as its filled with nutrients like Vitamin C, A and K and minerals like iron, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, and potassium. To make a Kale Detox drink, cut away the hard stem of kale and use only tender leaves. Throw a handful of leaves in blender with some coconut water and an apple for a fruity flavor. It’s a great detox drink to fill your body with all the essential nutrients.

Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Drink

Said to be one of the oldest detox drink recorded in the holistic health field which was made with apple cider vinegar. It is believed that in 400BC, many doctors used apple cider vinegar to treat sick people. However, it’s not advisable to drink apple cider alone as its very citric. To create this detox drink, mix 2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with 1 teaspoon of honey and ½ teaspoon of cinnamon in one glass of warm water. If you feel that the detox drink is too citric for you, add more water and sip throughout the day. Apple cider boosts your metabolism and increase urine production in body to flush out all the impurities.

Ginger Lemon Tea:

If you are suffering from sore throat, cough, cold or flu, make yourself a detox drink to kill all the flu bacteria’s instantly. Ginger lemon tea is a best detox drink for those who have stomach problems like, indigestion, bloating, nausea, and stomach cramps. Crush or grate ginger root of about one inch and infuse it in a freshly boiled water. Squeeze half lemon and 1 tsp. of honey. Let the ingredients infuse in a jar and drink throughout the day. Ginger boosts our body immune system and lemon helps in flushing out all the toxins. It’s a great detox drink for winters and rainy season when your immune system gets low due to the viral bacteria in the surrounding air.

Detox Drink Tips:

While making your detox drinks, keep the below stated points in mind:

  • Use only natural ingredients and not any kind of processed or canned food.
  • Choose the detox drinks as per your body requirements such as weight loss, cleansing or skin hydration.
  • Don’t consume alcohol, coffee, saturated fats, processed food, high sugar or salt based food.
  • Eat fiber filled diet including fruits, vegetables, lentils and whole grains for faster results.
  • Lead an active life. Make sure you do any kind of physical activity of 30 minutes to one hour 5 times a week. This will tone your body. For mental health, perform yoga or relaxing exercise that will improve your concentration.

Detox drinks are a healthy way to cleanse your body naturally. Most of the people stop drinking detox drinks after a few weeks because of the lack of results. Remember, detox drinks work differently on everybody. The effect of these drinks depends on your metabolism. Plan your detox drink wisely and include them in your daily life in a healthy body inside and outside.


Choosing a skin lightening or whitening cream is a big decision to make as you need to ensure the safety of your skin first. Before choosing any skin lightening product, it’s best that you understand how such creams are made and what they do to your skin.

Ensure the Safety:

Having a lighter and glowing skin is a dream for every person, but for this you shouldn’t compromise your safety. The first thing you should look in a skin lightening cream is the list of ingredients they have used in making a product. Best go for natural base product which contains less chemicals or natural bleach agents which lightens the skin. The one component that generally has potential to harm your skin is “Hydroquinone”. This chemical does lighten your skin, but it’s only temporary. In time, this chemical darkens your skin and sometime disfigure the whole face also.

Choose skin lightening products which contain plant based compounds that makes the skin healthy. This way you can lighten your skin and rejuvenated skin cells without any side effects.

Importance of the Antioxidants

We all know about the importance of consuming antioxidant food on a daily basis to keep your body toxin free and boost skin repair process. There are many skin whitening creams which use these natural antioxidants in their cream to boost skin repair which will naturally give you a healthy glow and lightened skin. So, before you buy a skin cream, do check if they are offering you antioxidants compounds.

Extra Care for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin people generally have thin skin that can be easily damaged with slight scrubbing or heavy chemical based skin. When you apply whitening cream, it’s advisable to apply a small amount of cream in the inside part of your wrist. This way you will easily knowing whether the cream is suitable to your skin or not.

Protection against the Sun

When you keep on using a skin cream, you actually reduce the melanin level of your skin. Melanin is an important compound that is responsible for the pigmentation and protection for your skin against the harsh UV rays of the sun. So, when you apply skin lightening cream, you have a potential threat of having skin damage under the sun. This is why many dermatologist advice of using a good SPF sunscreen after application of skin lightening cream. This way you protect your skin cells from getting damaged from harsh sun rays. If your skin lightening product contains zinc oxide, it will also protect your skin under the sun.

Pick the Skin Care Range

Most of the skin care product comes with a whole set which includes a cleanser, moisturizer and night cream. This whole range is made so that the consumer can effective results in short span of time. When you go for skin lightening product, it’s advisable to pick the conjunction products also.

There are many products which works better when used with some other products from the same range. If you want to achieve comprehensive results on your skin in a small duration, then it’s advisable to pick the entire skin lightening product range.

Having a fairand glowing skin is not a bad thing to wish for. But, it would be foolish to damage your skin by using heavy chemical based products which can damage your skin permanently. Choose your skin lightening cream wisely and feel beautiful on the skin you have been given by the almighty.


Face wash are the best product to use on every day basis for removing dirt and detoxifing the facial skin. But, one needs to remember to pick their face wash carefully. Not every face wash available in the market will suit your skin. Some might make your skin too dry, others won’t remove dirt or oil from skin. Before choosing a face wash, you must understand your skin type. Here are the beneficial tips to determine your skin type:

Type of Skin:

Oily skin: This type of skin secrets natural skin oil from the pores making it skin appear shiny and sticky. Oily skin people generally face acne problem, thus it’s advisable to use a face wash which removes excessive oil from the skin without over drying it.

Dry Skin:A dry skin person needs to use face wash that contains moisturizing properties. Dry skin people generally complain about the lack of luster on the skin. This happens due to the lack of hydration of skin. Use a face wash that is not harsh on your skin yet remove layer of dead cells from skin.

Sensitive Skin: Those who have sensitive skin needs to be more careful as any ordinary face wash won’t work for them. Sensitive skin beauties need to go for a mild or preferably herbal face wash as it will never harm yet clean skin pores naturally.

Combination Skin: There are no specific rule for combination skin people. Yet make sure to change your face wash with the changing weather or as per your skin requirement for best results.

Now, once are able to know about the skin type, it gets super easy to choose your face wash. Today, the market is overloaded with different cosmetic products. Some are too expensive and promising magical results on your skin. Be wise not to get lured by such commercial advertisements as there is no guarantee of the product working on your skin as promised. Choose a product which contains natural ingredients that help protect your skin from problems like pimple, open pore, dull skin, and acne marks. We advise you to choose a product that contains, Neem, Tulsi and Turmeric as these three ingredients are power packed to fight all kind of skin problems one can face. Below are some of the most crucial benefits of these three magical ingredients.

Benefits of Neem on Skin:

  • Neem is an excellent natural toner on skin that repairs dark patchy skin, reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on skin.
  • Neem oil is an excellent remedy to sooth dry and itchy skin as neem oil gets easily absorbed in skin without clogging the pores.
  • Neem contains antioxidants that kill bacterial which can cause many skin problem.
  • Application of neem based products also reduce the excessive secretion of oil from sebaceous glands.

Benefits of Tulsi on Skin:

  • Tulsi or Holy Basil is a great skin product if you wish to have a flawless skin naturally as its packed with antioxidants.
  • Tulsi can give remarkable effects on curing acne and removing acne scars.
  • If you have a dull skin problem, using Tulsi based face wash to give you glowing skin instantly.
  • This green plant is also helpful in restoring and locking down the moisture of your skin.

Benefits of Turmeric:

  • Turmeric is also one of the best herbal product which is known for its antioxidant and medicinal properties.
  • To avoid appearance of wrinkle on skin, use turmeric based products on daily basis.
  • Applying turmeric on skin can help you reduce appearance of acne or any other skin problems.
  • If you have tanned skin, apply turmeric based pack or use face wash to lighten your skin naturally.

With all this information, we hope that now you will be able to select the best face wash for your skin. Be sure to see that your face wash contains Neem, Tusli and Turmeric so you can have a flawless, radiant skin naturally.


Her skin became noticeable lighter and for the first time in her life she felt very confident and attractive.TriptiNagpal, a 32 year old air-hostess in a private airline in India was always known to be timid and shy in terms of her relationship with customers and her colleagues. Within a blink of an eye, she became so courageous that she could even make announcements to passengers which were one of the things she wasn’t capable of before. Her co-workers started wondering where she got the just-found courage from. After several days, they noticed the confidence Tripti started displaying was as a result of her looking fairer and prettier. Other air-hostesses, especially the ones that were lighter and fairer than her before couldn’t figure out how she became fairer than them. They did their findings and discovered the secret behind sudden fairer skin was NOVAWHITE.

Like most women who crave for outstanding beauty and a fairer skin, Tripti, especially an air-hostess who ought to look attractive, charming, glamorous and beautiful fell short of the desired expectation. She was a typical manifestation of a young lady who is struggling with the desired pleasing appearance she ever longed for. Her face can be described as the combination of horrible colours and dark spots. Her facial expression cannot be described reason being that she applies different make-overs and uses various cosmetics. You can never tell whether she is moody, or happy. Consequently, she acts and becomes fainthearted and very shy in her customer-relationship endeavours. Tripti even finds it difficult to relate well with her fellow air-hostesses especially the ones with whiter and lighter skins and her superiors as a result of her shabby appearance.

Having suffered a lot from inferiority complex, Tripti embarks on a determined course to look fairer, lighter, and whiter. Just as an average Indian average woman,Tripti doesn’t have the extra cash to try out a lot of celebrity-endorsed skin-whitening “miracle cream” out there, let alone spending money excessively on costly elective medical procedures, like chemical peeling or laser treatment.

Before the introduction of novawhite in her quest to look whiter, Tripti used to exhaust virtually an hour daily on an extensive skincare regimen consisting of over 6 different products, but all to no avail. Each product made big claims promising fairer skin; and while Tripti abided by all their usage instructions to the letter, she saw no difference in her facial appearance. After so much frustration and disappointment, she thought and planned as far as taking out a cumbersome loan for getting as skin peeled thinking that would bring the desired white skin. She even considered going for an expensive plastic surgery procedure but the unaffordable cost (ranging anywhere from 20,000 – 40,000+). But the scary testimonies of unfixable botched procedures convinced her that cosmetic treatments will never satisfy her urge and hunger to look fairer. She was determined to find a safe and affordable Skin-Whitening solution that would give her real results and not leave her finding a solution out of an unthinkable financial mess.

On that fateful day, after a long time of pondering on the way forward,something came to her mind and it was the idea of surfing the internet for a skin-whitening solution. Shecame across novawhite and read the experiences other women had with it and she considered to give novawhite a try. She saw pictures of ladies who were also previously rough-skinned and almost looked like a black woman had not only looked whiter and fairer but also clean and fresh. This was exactly what Tripti wanted for herself. So she decided to make novawhite her skin’s best friend which in the long run yielded her the long lost desired result. After only a few days of thorough application in her daily skin routine, she saw noticeable results.The dark spots, all blemishes and hyper-pigmentation were visibly reduced in size right before her eyes.After just two weeks of using novawhite, the proof was staring her right in the face and she was always checking herself in the mirror almost every second available: this was giving her real results unlike skin whitening creams and procedures like painful lasers, steroids, bleaching chemicals, injections she had used previously.

Tripti’s new look kept her friends, family relatives and colleagues at work wondering how she changed overnight. At a point, they had to conclude she had been getting chemical peels secretly because her skin looked 5 to 6 shades clearer. They later knew it was novawhite’s handiwork because she was always saying “thanks to novawhite.”

Tripti is now one of the numerous women that tell the incredible story novawhites provides. At work, home and any form of gathering, Tripti becomes the center of attraction. Her life changed for better and that is why she can’ stop saying “thanks to novawhite.”


“Make-up can only make you look pretty on outside, it won’t help if you are ugly inside”

This quote fits perfectly in our daily life where we put a cover on our skin to look flawless and radiant. One thing which no one understands is that the whole covering up actually kills our skin cells, making the skin look dull, uneven and darker. Desiring for a flawless, glowing skin is not wrong, but for that you need to be wise in every way. Facing the harsh sun, pollution, stress and consuming junk foods create unbalance in the body, results in many health problems as well as skin issues. To get a glowing skin, you first need to have a good health which can be only achieved by eating proper food.

External care is also very much necessary while following a good diet. Make sure you cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin, especially the face and neck area, at least twice a day and reduce or completely stop the use of makeup. This will help your skin breathe and regenerate the dead skin cells.

However, in this article we are focusing more on the wonderful food, nature has provided for attaining a healthy skin. These foods have skin friendly components also known as oxidants that cleanses your body from all the toxic substance. Include these foods in your daily diet to get rid of all skin problems inside out.

Foods for Glowing Skin

Green Leafy Vegetables: As a kid we always scrunch the face at just one glimpse of green vegetables on our plate. But, you must know that consuming green vegetables on a daily basis can bring radiance to your dull skin. Loaded with essential vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients, you naturally cleanse your body and keep the skin hydrated. Just eat green leafy vegetables for a month and you can see a noticeable change in your weight and skin.

Nuts and Wild Salmon: Eating fats might not be good for your body, but not when it comes to Omega-3 fatty acids. Considered as a good fat, Omega-3 Fatty acids can be acquired by consuming nuts like walnut and almonds or fish like salmon, herring and trout. A healthy dose of good fats can cure scalp problem, reduce inflammation, acne problem, redness on the skin or any kind of skin allergy.

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Kiwi: We all know that Vitamin C has a power to lighten your skin tone. Fruits like Kiwi, Oranges, Bell Peppers, Grapefruit, Strawberries, and Guavas give you the necessary amount of Vitamin C to your body. This is very necessary Vitamin for your body to remove toxins, protect skin damage from sun, increase cell turnover and hinder the skin aging.

Carrots: This skin friendly vegetable is packed with components like Vitamin A, Beta-Carotene and Antioxidants, all of which helps in making your skin look younger, flawless and glowing. Vitamin A is very necessary in the body to repair the skin damage which usually happens due to over exposure to the sun or pollution. Eating raw carrots as salad or lightly tossed in olive oil can prove very beneficial to your body and skin.

Water: Apart from eating all the healthy food, the one thing that helps flush out all the toxins from your body is the habit of drinking lots of water in a day. A person should at least drink 10 to 12 glasses of water in a day and even more in summers to keep the body hydrated and free from harmful toxins in the body. If you are not into drinking plain water, try going for homemade detox drinks that will help you lose weight and get glowing skin easily. Did you know that drinking adequate amount of water can vanish your wrinkles as well? Stop spending highly on the cosmetics which guarantees wrinkle free skin, when you can get better results by just drinking lots of water.

These are just a few things you should include in your lifestyle. In our growing years, we have always been advised to eat a balanced diet in order to stay healthy. But, with a busy life, we tend to ignore the requirements of the body and go for easy fast food options which is the main reason for toxin deposits in our body. So, bring the change in your diet today to look ageless beautiful every day for your entire life.