Phytase 2500 / 5000


Regular usage of ACTIPHY reduces the supplementation of costly inorganic phosphorous in feeds, increases the assimilation efficiency of phytate phosphorous by 50 60% in poultry feed. Increases the utilization efficiency of minerals, protein and other nutrients and improves the production performance of livestock/poultry. Reduces the risk of heavy metal poisoning and microbial pollution caused by DCP and bone meal respectively.

Actiphy is tested for its Storage stability, Heat Stability and pH stability. Actiphy is stable when stored at room temperature (20 o-25 o C). Over 90% of its activity is preserved after storage at room temperature for more than 12 months.

Contains no harmful / banned chemicals and is 100% safe to handle. However it is always recommended to use hand gloves and face mask for hygienic practice.


5 Kg and 20 Kg bags