Alkaliser Syrup: Key Uses and Benefits

What is the use of alkaliser Syrup

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, innovative solutions continue to emerge, promising relief and support for various health conditions. Alkaliser Syrup, a potent formulation containing Potassium Citrate and Citric Acid, has gained prominence for its efficacy in addressing specific health concerns. In this article, we shall delve into What is the use of alkaliser Syrup and explore its versatile applications in the treatment of gout, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and metabolic disorders associated with kidney diseases.

Understanding the Composition (Novalka Syrup) :

Furthermore, Alkaliser Syrup distinguishes itself with a precise formulation; each 5ml comprises 1100mg of Potassium Citrate and 334mg of Citric Acid. This unique blend of active ingredients significantly contributes to the therapeutic properties of the syrup.

Potassium Citrate (1100mg):

Potassium Citrate, a salt of citric acid, is a key component of Alkaliser Syrup. Known for its alkalizing properties, Potassium Citrate aids in neutralizing acidity in the body, particularly in the urinary tract. This can be especially beneficial for individuals dealing with conditions such as gout and kidney stones, where elevated levels of uric acid contribute to discomfort and complications.

Citric Acid (334mg):

Citric Acid complements the alkalizing effect of Potassium Citrate. It not only enhances the efficacy of the syrup but also contributes to the prevention of kidney stones. The combination of Potassium Citrate and Citric Acid, consequently, creates an environment where crystals are less likely to form. This, in turn, reduces the risk of stone formation.

Applications :

Gout (Increased Levels of Uric Acid):

Alkaliser Syrup serves as a valuable therapeutic option, particularly for individuals grappling with gout, a condition characterized by elevated levels of uric acid. By promoting a more alkaline environment, the syrup effectively neutralizes excess uric acid. Providing relief from pain and inflammation associated with gout attacks.

Kidney Stones:

The alkalizing effect of Potassium Citrate and Citric Acid in Alkaliser Syrup is crucial for preventing kidney stones. By reducing urine acidity, the syrup inhibits mineral crystallization, minimizing the risk of stone development and providing relief for those prone to recurrent kidney stones.

Urinary Tract Infections:

Furthermore, Alkaliser Syrup demonstrates effectiveness in treating urinary tract infections (UTIs). Through its alkalizing properties, it creates an unfavorable environment for bacteria, ultimately alleviating symptoms and reinforcing the body’s natural defense mechanisms against infections.

Metabolic Disorders Caused by Kidney Diseases:

Individuals dealing with metabolic disorders resulting from kidney diseases can benefit from Alkaliser Syrup. This formulation helps regulate the acid-base balance in the body. This helps mitigating the impact of kidney-related metabolic imbalances and contributing to overall renal health.


  1. Moreover, Alkaliser Syrup, which combines Potassium Citrate and Citric Acid is helpful in addressing gout, kidney stones and urinary tract infections.
  2. Consult a healthcare professional before using any such Syrup to ensure it aligns with your health needs.
  3. Unlock the potential of this advanced formulation for improved urinary health and overall well-being.
  4. Novalka Syrup is available at all leading medical stores in India
Potassium Citrate 1100mg, Citric Acid 334mg

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