Advanced Growth & Development Formula


Your baby is now stepping 12 moths and beyond. Now itís time you add special nutrients that will support physical development, stronger bones, brain & vision development. PEDIFILL ADVANCED GD formula contains the easy to digest milk protein, digestion of protein is ideal for your babyís optimum physical growth. Alpha linolenic axis(ALA) with iron and iodine helps in brain development lutein is known for supporting vision development

Method of Prepration

Take one table spoon of this powder in a bowl add one cup of water to it. Heat this mixture on a low fire for two minutes or until creamy porridge is ready

Can also be served mixing with mashed fresh fruits or vegetables. This prepared poeeidge can also be mixed with clear soups or curd and can be served A pinch of salt can be added as required to give different variety in taste. Small quantity of ghee can be added to give additional taste and energy value.

Important Instruction:

  • Ensure hands are clean before preparation
  • Make sure the water is clean and fit for consumption
  • The meal should be prepared in a clean utensils
  • Do not reuse the unfinished portion
  • Store in a cool & dry place. Do not refrigerate keep the tin tightly closed when not in use
  • Use contents of the tin within one month after opening


Boild Rice, maltodextrine(31.6%), Sugar, Soy Lecithin, Apple & Spinash juice concentrate , Vitamins & Minerals, Amino acids, DHA & Lutein