Advanced Balanced Nutrition

Nutrition for kids & children


Begin the first start of your with pedifill Balanced Nutrition after the age of 6 months. The Pre-digested Ragi & Rice in Pedifill Balance Nutrition Contains no milk and is soft in nature, made for easy digestion without giving burden on tender stomach. Each serve is nutrient dense, helps to meet increased nutritional requirements for protein, iron, calcium, vitamins and energy

  • The first start formula formulated with pre-digested ragi & rice with soy protein & amino acids
  • Specially designed to meet the energy needs of growing infants. Indian Council Of Medical Research, the energy requirement of infant is 80 kcal/Kg/day
  • Soft in nature and easy to digest
  • Provides essential nutrients for supporting healthy growth
  • Provides 20% of daily value Calcium needs in two feeding for stronger bones
  • No preservatives added, no artificial flavour or colours added

Method of Prepration

Can also be served mixing with mashed fresh fruits or vegetables. This prepared poeeidge can also be mixed with clear soups or curd and can be served A pinch of salt can be added as required to give different variety in taste. Small quantity of ghee can be added to give additional taste and enrgy value

Important Instruction:

  • Ensure hands are clean before preparation
  • Make sure the water is clean and fit for consumption
  • The meal should be prepared in a clean utensils
  • Do not reuse the unfinished portion
  • Store in a cool & dry place. Do not refrigerate keep the tin tightly closed when not in use
  • Use contents of the tin within one month after opening


Malted Ragi, Boild Rice, maltodextrine(31.6%), Sugar, Soy Lecithin, Corn Oil, Vitamins & Minerals