Dobex S 1500 Injection


  • Ceftriaxone - 1000 mg
  • Salbactum - 500mg


Induction and Dosage:

Uncompleted gonorrhoea: adult: (IM): 250 is a secondry meningococcal meningitis: adult (IM): 250mg as a single dose; child: (IM):125mg as a single dose. Susceptible infections: adult(IM/IV): 1-2g daily as a single or in 2 divided doses given as deep IM inj or slow IV inj over 2-4 minutes or as infusion over at least 30 minutes, increased to 4 g daily in severe infections; child: (IM/IV);<50 kg: 50 mg/kg OD increased to 80mg/kg in severe infections. Doses>50 mg/kg should be given as IV infusion. IV over 60 min. Max dose (neonates): 50 mg/kg/day. Prophylaxis of Surgical infections: adult: (IM/IV): 1g as a single dose given 0.5-2 hr prior to surgery via deep IM inj or slow IV infusion over at least 30 minutes. A 2 g dose is recommended for colorectal surgery. Typhoid fever. Adult: (IV): 2 g OD for 14 days.


Ceftriaxone has bactericidal action


Hypersenstivity to cephalosporins; hyperbilirubinaemic neonates. Do not use Ca or Ca-containing solutions or products with or within 48 hr of ceftriaxone adm due to risk of calcium-ceftriaxone precipitate formation.