Cold pressed oils are considered as superior oils. These oils are obtained through pressing and grinding of seeds at controlled low temperatures. Involvement of high temperatures during oil process makes most oil degrade their flavour, nutritional value, colour and may even expose to various toxins.

Our pressing heads are made of 100% in-oxidisable stainless steel (1.4125 – 58 HCR). The oil produced in these machines are ‘real cold pressed oils’ where the temperature is not allowed to rise above 40° Celsius ( 104° F). Our machine has digital controlled heating units and our power supplier reductors are special production of POLAT GROUP AYDIN and speed control units are from MOTOVARIO ITALY.

Our oils processes, properties that are 100% natural without any additives. This process involves – no high temperature treatments, no use of phosphates, no use of additives, no solvent extractions, no caustic sodas, no bleaching agents, no hexane solvents and no genetic engineering.

These oils are best suitable for of Herbal formulations, Organic foods, Ayurvedic, Unani & siddha formulations, Natural flavourings, Aromatic uses, Pharmaceutical uses, Dietary supplements, Functional foods & Cosmetics.