A specially designed supplement to improve ovarian function & positive outcome of the female infertility


Each capsule contains


50 mg


50 mg

Chasteberry extract

25 mg


100 mg

Green tea extract

15 mg

Evening primrose extract

25 mg

(standardised to provide saponins 40%)

25 mg


5 mg

Vitamin D

400 I.U.

Vitamin E

12.5 mg

Vitamin C

75 mg

Vitamin A

1250 I.U.

Folic acid

400 mcg


100 mcg

Vitamin B1

5 mg

Vitamin B6

10 mg

Vitamin B2

2.5 mg


22.5 mg

Para aminobenzoic acid (PABA)

12.5 mg


50 mcg

Zinc sulphate

5 mg

Magnesium sulphate

50 mg

Chromium picolinate

100 mcg

Sodium selenite

100 mcg

Ferrous fumerate

25 mg

Manganese sulphate

1.5 mg

Copper sulphate

500 mcg



Polycystic ovarian syndrome, also known as Polycystic ovarian disease or PCOD is a very common female health complaint. The word “Syndrome” is used to describe the PCOD because, it is a complex manifestation involving many factors and organs such as - obesity, insulin resistance, irregular menstrual bleeding (in most cases, excessive menstrual bleeding), abnormal menstrual periods & cycle, lack of ovum production (anovulation) etc.

Organs involved in Polycystic Ovary disease

  • Ovary – the female gonad organ, present at the either sides of the uterus.
  • Adrenal glands – The glands which are placed just above the both the kidneys.
  • Pancreas – Gland that produces insulin in our body.
  • Pituitary gland – the gland just below the brain, which is responsible for all the hormonal control.

What happens in PCOD?

There is increased production of Androgen (a hormone) by the ovaries, which suppresses the maturation of ovarian follicles (ovarian follicles lead to ovum). So, ovum does not get properly formed and released (anouvlation). Remember that ovum meets with the sperm during intercourse leading to conception. So, in a case of PCOD, the lady usually will be having problem with conception.

How frequent is the problem of PCOD?

The incidence varies between 0.5 – 4 per cent, more common amongst infertile women. It is prevalent in young reproductive period.

What happens inside the body?

Typically, the ovaries are enlarged two to five times the normal size (PCOS – Ovarian cysts). Stroma is increased. The capsule is thickened and pearly white in color. Ovary which is normally oval in shape, will have many cysts within it.

Hystologically there is thickening of tunica albugenia. The cysts are follicles at varying stages of maturation and atresia. There is theca cell hypertrophy (stromal hyperthecosis). Patient may present with features of diabetes mellitus (insulin resistance).


  • Improves ovarian function & pregnancy rate
  • Plays vital role in the process of conception
  • Helps to balance hormones that are required for menstrual functions, ovulation & fertility
  • Reduces androgen levels & optimizes reproductive health
  • Provides comprehensive antioxidant propertise Endometriosis
  • Polystic ovary syndrome
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Female fertility of various etiologies


1 capsule a day till desired results are achieved


  • Micronutrients & vitamins supports in normalizing hormones like gonadotropins
  • Micronutrients plays vital role in regulating follicle maturation, ovulation and normalizing estrogen and progesterone levels.
  • nositol helps support ovarian function and restores menstrual cycle
  • L-Arginine improves ovarian function & pregnancy rate
  • Folic acid is important for the process of conception


Know hypersensitivity to any of the above ingredients


Generally CHERILIFE is well tolerated at given as per recommended dosage


CHERILIFE Capsule is available in 2X15’s blister packing